The specialised sports travel subsidiary of UK HOTELSNU, UK HOTELSNU Sport, uses the global UK HOTELSNU company’s corporate travel, group travel, and event management expertise to offer successful travel options to the sports business.

We are the preferred travel management company for some of the most prestigious sports organisations and teams worldwide as a result.

Looking for a competitive sport travel solution?

Major Sporting Events

Our specialist travel staff is committed to handling the complicated travel requirements of teams, notable athletes, crew, and equipment. We provide expert event management and planning services that will enthuse and motivate your staff and stakeholders.

With more than 25 years of combined experience in travel and event management, our expert team has the knowledge and skills to provide real-world, innovative, and affordable solutions that can handle any logistical challenge.

Business Travel

We comprehend the “business” of travel as one of the biggest and most distinguished travel management companies in the world.

Every time your team’s executive and VIP travellers travel, our tried-and-true sports travel solutions provide them with experiences that support high productivity, increased efficiency, and a return on investment.

Team Travel

Our integrated business and group travel solutions offer the required logistical support to ensure success, whether it’s travelling on match days, participating in tournaments and training camps, or attending a corporate hospitality event.

We comprehend the intricate requirements of travelling sports teams and use our exceptional relationships with global suppliers to negotiate lower group rates with flexible terms on your behalf. Your group will arrive at their destination on time and ready for action thanks to our experience and expertise!

Athlete Concierge Travel

Are you looking for a specialised concierge service designed for well-known sporting professionals? We take great pride in providing world-class service and are skilled at anticipating and exceeding the very specific requirements of your sporting professional.

Because of the variety of our clients and our global reach, we are able to comprehend the particular and frequently intricate requirements of well-known specialists across the world.

Supporter Travel

Whether travelling by bus, train, or airplane, you will be there for your supporter the entire way. We collaborate closely with our partners and arrival countries to ensure a simple process for fans to arrive at games on time, with the proper travel documentation, and lodging for overnight stays at a reasonable price.

We provide customised sports packages that come with charter flights, getaways on match days, and a complete travel and event experience. Supporters can book packages through a branded portal that displays fixed and flexible packages and an integrated payment solution for a smooth process.

Sport Travel Technology

We handle all aspects of group logistical administration, real-time traveller tracking, and reporting so you can concentrate on your game.

Our clients have access to UK HOTELSNU’s renowned proprietary travel management tools, which give you and your teams dependable, easy-to-use travel experiences prior to, during, and after your trip.

Our travel tools can be accessed from any web-enabled mobile device around the clock for complete convenience and control thanks to a central online travel portal.

Greener Policy Initiatives

We are aware of the pioneering role the sports sector is playing in the fight against global warming, and we have a number of projects to back your plan. Instead than treating sustainability as a stand-alone consulting service, we fully incorporate green solutions into all of our systems, services, and goods.

We promote sustainability by regularly hosting webinars and workshops for sports organisations on how to integrate sustainable travel into their operations. This has a positive impact on environmental policies and makes the tools and procedures required to lower our customers’ CO2 footprints available.

UK HOTELSNU Sport is pleased to contribute to the long-term sustainability of our planet by minimising the environmental effects of business travel through the implementation of UK HOTELSNU Climate+ sustainable travel initiatives:

  • Carbon approval and budgets
  • Greener choice tool
  • Carbon reporting
  • Carbon offsetting

Risk Management & Reporting

Traveller Tracking: With live itinerary status updates, SMS, and email communication tools, UK HOTELSNU’s traveller tracking tool makes it possible for you to keep tabs on and communicate with your team while they are travelling. This tool also allows you to update travel itineraries in the event of delays or missed connections.

Pre-Trip Approval: A complex system that allows users to request permission to travel before making a reservation, simplifying the administration of traveller safety and budget.

Risk Alerts: In order to improve safety and effectiveness when unplanned events do occur, our global risk assessment platform notifies travel managers and travellers of potential travel risks prior to departure and while on the road. It also sends emergency SMS and email communications to affected travelers.

Programme Performance: Our incredibly advanced travel reporting technology combines all of your travel-related expenses to provide you a complete picture of your trip budget. In order to help you reduce the cost of your travel, your committed Account Manager offers proactive, analytical advise on trends and best practices.

Expense Management: Our expense management solutions provide quick reconciliations on desktop and mobile devices and provide complete visibility over the overall cost of travel, including airfare, lodging, ground transportation, and ancillary costs.