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In terms of business travel management services, UK HOTELSNU LIMITED is a world leader. We help businesses and their travellers save money, operate more efficiently, and stay safe all around the world.

You’ve come to the right spot if you’re searching for a customized travel management solution that offers top-notch customer care, cutting-edge technology, and a measurable return on investment.

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UK HOTELSNU LIMITED is a global leader in business travel management services.

Save Money

We will return more to you in savings for every pound you spend on our travel management services. That is what distinguishes HOTELSNU

How do we do it?

  • Significant savings are made throughout the aviation, hotel, train, and auto rental industries because to UK HOTELSNU LIMITED’s enormous global buying power.
  • With our travel platforms, you can access the best corporate-negotiated rates, last-minute inventory, and dynamic supplier content all in one place. For maximum productivity, all travel-related content is compared side by side and in one location.
  • In a single search, UK HOTELSNU LIMITED’s forecasting technology exhibits the cheapest time to travel.
  • Our strategic policy development and committed account management teams create the most practical travel policy based on your particular travel behaviour’s and goals.
  • Our staff regularly analyze and assess travel program to find best practice booking behaviors to maximize savings.
  • Our top-notch travel technologies boost efficiency and compliance among all stakeholders in the travel industry, including business travelers and procurement, finance, and travel managers.

Increase Efficiency

Our know-how, 24/7 assistance, and user-friendly technology may greatly increase your employees' productivity.

How do we do it?

  • We provide 24/7 access to intuitive travel technology that makes trip planning, booking, and travel research easy.
  • Our self-serve online booking tools allow users to simultaneously book flight, hotel, rail, and rental cars.
  • When you need helpful travel assistance, UK HOTELSNU LIMITED’s knowledgeable local travel experts are accessible around-the-clock.
  • We offer real-time access to comprehensive travel reporting for all aspects of your travel program, enhancing visibility, control, and effectiveness.

Maximise Safety

With our collection of user-friendly and integrated risk management products, you can increase the security of your travelers while they are on business trips.

How do we do it?

  • You can track and contact travellers in an emergency thanks to traveller tracking technologies.
  • Prior to making a travel reservation, pre-trip approval workflows enable risk identification and management.
  • Based on location and risk levels, UK HOTELSNU LIMITED risk alerts send email and SMS notifications to affected travelers.
  • UK HOTELSNU LIMITED¬†Travelers can book and manage their needs for travel via mobile apps, giving them more liberty.

Love where you're going

Elevate your travel programme with

Are your business and travelling employees benefiting from savings, efficiency, and safety as a result of your travel programme? Are you using your travel data to bargain for better rates and sway travellers’ purchasing decisions? Do you fully understand and have control over your vacation budget?

Otherwise, it’s time to upgrade your travel itinerary with UK HOTELSNU LIMITED.

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