Experts in Resource Travel Management

UK HOTELSNU prides itself on delivering a unique and valuable travel management experience to the energy, resources and marine sectors.

Businesses that operate in the energy, resources, and maritime (ERM) sectors are crucial to sustaining the world economy. We know how important it is to keep the supply chain running, and with our experience, we’ll get your personnel where they need to go on time, safely, and affordably.

ERM travel management involves careful thought and methodical preparation. Travel timings, costs, and traveller safety are all factors that our ERM experts around the world continuously monitor.

Resource Travel Shift Management Tools

Spreadsheet juggling is a thing of the past. When scheduling resource travel throughout the ERM industry, our shift management and bulk upload solutions link with UK HOTELSNU’s Lightning, an easy online booking tool, for optimal efficiency and accuracy.

Our shift management solutions can help you efficiently manage travel arrangements for your ERM travellers based on pre-planned rosters, capturing the data you need to help with booking reconciliation, such as traveller identification, project codes, cost centres, and many other types of information.

Emergency Evacuation

Emergency circumstances can occur with little advance notice, and when they do, swift and immediate action is needed to protect your workers.

To secure the safety of your staff when a calamity strikes, you need to have tested experience and procedures on your side.

Charter Negotiation

UK HOTELSNU is in a unique position to negotiate, plan, and manage the charter fleet needs of customers in the resource business.

Enhanced supplier negotiations

For offshore, onshore, exploration, subsea, drilling, oilfield, mining, wind energy, and maritime professionals, UK HOTELSNU offers access to exceptional travel discounts on scheduled and charter aircraft, vehicle hire, transfers, and lodging providers. With these improved discussions, you can save money and get more flexibility and luggage allowances.

Expense Solutions

With UK HOTELSNU’s expenditure management, payment choices, and virtual payment solutions, you can improve the efficacy, efficiency, and planning of your expense process. For businesses supporting intricate crew rotations, we offer the partners and solutions to make expenditure administration simple.

Simplify your resource travel processes